St. Teresa's School

Homework Tips

1. Use Agenda Wisely!

Make sure all homework is written down properly in your agenda. Have parents check your agenda before you start your homework.

2. Be Prepared!

Make sure you have all books home that will help you with completing your homework.

3. Prepare a Quiet Place to do your Homework!

Make sure you have a quiet well lit place to do your homework, maybe at the kitchen table.

4. Use Time Wisely!

Make sure you use your time wisely. Do not waste time playing around while you are doing your homework. If there is something you do not understand, ask your parents for help.

5. Keep Track of Major Assignments!

Make sure you know when all assignments are due and complete them on time!

6. Pass Homework In!!

Pass your homework in at all times. If you do not get something finished, still pass it in. it is better to have part of your homework completed and passed in then to have done passed in at all.

7. Ask for Help!!!

If you do not understand your homework, be sure to let the teacher know the next day. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.