St. Teresa's School

St. Teresa’s Staff Caring Parade Route (Starts at 11:00 Monday, April 6

Please remember social distancing and stay safe! Wave from your door or window!

1. START at Ropewalk at 11:00 a.m.

2. LEAVE Ropewalk Lane

3. RIGHT onto Mundy Pond Rd

4. RIGHT onto St. Teresa’s Court

5. RIGHT onto Mundy Pond Rd

6. RIGHT onto Murphy’s Lane

7. LEFT onto Notre Dame Drive

8. RIGHT onto Empire Avenue

9. LEFT onto Old Pennywell Rd

10. Quick RIGHT onto Crosbie Rd

11. Drive through parking lot of Swilers Rugby Club

12. LEFT out of parking lot onto Crosbie Rd

13. LEFT onto Old Pennywell Rd

14. RIGHT onto Ropewalk Lane

15. LEFT onto Mundy Pond Rd

16. RIGHT at lights onto Cashin Ave

17. RIGHT onto Vimy

18. LEFT onto Froude

19. LEFT onto Vickers

20. RIGHT onto Cashin/Symonds

21. LEFT onto Hamilton Ave

22. STRAIGHT down Hamilton to the bottom

23. LEFT onto New Gower

24. LEFT onto Springdale

25. LEFT onto Charlton

26. RIGHT onto Coronation

27. LEFT onto Patrick Street

28. RIGHT onto Hamilton

29. LEFT onto Leslie

30. RIGHT onto Eric

31. LEFT onto Richmond

32. RIGHT onto MacKay


33. LEFT onto Eric

34. RIGHT onto Shaw

35. LEFT onto Hamilton

36. RIGHT onto James Lane

37. RIGHT onto Anspach

38. LEFT onto Blackmarsh

39. CONTINUE on Blackmarsh through the lights at Columbus Drive

40. RIGHT onto Welland

41. LEFT onto Blackmarsh

42. RIGHT onto Radford

43. RIGHT onto Coventry Way

44. RIGHT onto Daimler

45. RIGHT onto Wellenhall

46. LEFT onto Daimler

47. RIGHT onto Coventry Way

48. RIGHT onto Sherbourne

49. LEFT onto Blackmarsh

50. RIGHT onto Jensen Camp

51. LEFT onto Blackmarsh

52. LEFT onto Mundy Pond

53. LEFT onto Coefield

54. LEFT onto Winslow

55. LEFT onto Empire

56. RIGHT onto Jensen Camp

57. RIGHT onto Rotary

58. RIGHT onto Lions Road

59. LEFT onto New Pennywell

60. LEFT onto Rotary

61. LEFT onto Jensen Camp

62. LEFT onto Empire

63. RIGHT onto Columbus Drive

64. LEFT onto Mundy Pond


65. RIGHT onto Anthony Avenue

66. At Stop sign, CONTINUE LEFT onto Anthony Ave

67. RIGHT onto Blackler

68. STRAIGHT through the lights, onto Hamilton Ave Extension

69. LEFT onto Albany Street

70. RIGHT onto Blackmarsh

71. LEFT onto Melville Place

72. LEFT onto Blackmarsh

73. LEFT onto Pearce Avenue

74. LEFT onto Mundy Pond

75. STOP in front of school, heading west on Mundy Pond.

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