St. Teresa's School

Parking lot procedures

Many of our parents/guardians have expressed safety concerns over the amount of traffic on our parking lot recently and how many drivers are not following the routines that have been outlined by the school.   We take these concerns very seriously. As a school community, we need to ensure that we all follow safety regulations and routines. During winter months, we will see a considerable increase in the number of vehicles on our parking lot. The following is list which may assist in making the area safer:

  • Use the Kiss and Ride Program. Parents/Caregivers can drive around the back of our school (slowly) and drop the children off safely where we have a staff member present to assist. Please be patient as you may have to wait a little but this is the safest way of dropping your child off at school and reduces traffic issues at the front of our parking lot. If your child needs assistance in getting out of the vehicle, please have them located in the seat closest to the kindergarten entrance door so that it will make it easier for your child to exit the vehicle. Once your child has exited the vehicle, in order to keep the traffic moving, you will need to proceed toward exiting our lot.
  • There is no drop off area in the front of the school. The front of our school is for parking only. The drive through lanes is not for dropping off children. This is not safe as it is not a supervised area. It also holds up traffic on the parking lot and on Mundy Pond Road. If you are walking your child into the school, find a parking space. If you are not, then use the kiss and ride program.
  • SLOW DOWN. We are a school with children!!! Please use sound judgment with your speed knowing that there are children everywhere.
  • Bus Students: If your child is bus eligible, please avail of this transportation. This will decrease the amount of vehicles that we have on our lot during the morning and afternoon sessions. During inclement weather, some parents feel that they would rather drop their child off at school, rather than have their child wait at the bus stop. We suggest waiting at the bus stop in your vehicle, rather than proceeding to the school.
  • If someone new is picking up your child, please familiarize them with our parking lot.
  • PLEASE do not leave your vehicle running while you drop into the school. This poses a huge safety risk for all of us..
  • Looking for Volunteers:If you would like to volunteer is assisting with the parking area in the mornings, please call Mr. Dwyer or Ms. Mallay.

We continue to ask parents to be patient and vigilant when driving on the school lot. If you park in one of the parking stalls, please walk your child across the parking lot.  No child should be permitted to weave in between parked vehicles while trying to cross the parking lot. We are also asking people not to park in our spaces designated for disability parking only.  The safest and most efficient way of dropping your child at school is by using the “Kiss and Ride lane”

Thank you for your continued cooperation with regards to our parking lot.


Mr. Dwyer