St. Teresa's School

No School tomorrow January 27, 2020 except High Schools

The District is taking a phased-in approach to the reopening of schools in the region. Reopening of Schools: • All high schools in the St. John’s metro region will be open Monday (January 27) for all students who attend those facilities. • A further announcement will be made Monday afternoon with respect to all remaining schools in St. John’s metro region.Student safety is everybody’s responsibility. We extend thanks to our parents/caregivers, school and District staff, affected municipalities, snow clearing operators, and the motoring public for their patience and vigilance during this time, and always. When we return to school, please keep these safety tips in mind. 1. Parents/guardians are asked to review the bus safety tips brochure with students, available on the web page referenced above. 2. Parents are also advised to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of students until they board the bus in the morning, and after they disembark in the afternoon. This includes escorting them to and from the bus stop and waiting for them to board/disembark, as deemed necessary, or to arrange for them to be escorted. 3. Please refrain from bringing vehicles to the bus stops, as this will cause unnecessary congestion that could impact service. 4. Children should be advised not to play in any snow banks near bus stops, roadways, or school sites. 5.Drivers are asked to be especially vigilant at this time, and to be aware that students may be gathered at new locations to access school buses. 6. Slow down. 7. Obey school zone rules and do not pass a school bus, from any direction, when the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended.  8. Meanwhile, the District recognizes it cannot account for every conceivable, personal circumstance and that families are in the best position to judge whether a student can travel safely to and from school and/or school bus stops.   

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