St. Teresa's School

Visitor Check In

PLEASE CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE –STUDENT/SCHOOL SECURITY In an attempt to create a safe and secure environment for all students we ask all students, parents/ guardians or any visitor who comes to the school outside the regular school hours to use the main entrance. Here you will be buzzed into the school by our … Read more

Food Sharing

NO SHARED EDIBLE TREATS PERMITTED We no longer allow any edible treats to be brought into our school by parents/caregivers to be shared with other students (this includes special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays, etc). There are many students in our school with serious life threatening allergies and other conditions. The risk … Read more

Parking lot procedures

Many of our parents/guardians have expressed safety concerns over the amount of traffic on our parking lot recently and how many drivers are not following the routines that have been outlined by the school.   We take these concerns very seriously. As a school community, we need to ensure that we all follow safety regulations and … Read more