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2018 NL School Spirit Contest

2018 NL School Spirit Contest

Hello Contestants,


THIS IS IT!  The School Spirit Contest will start NEXT Monday – March 5th


Attached you’ll find a sheet that describes the program you can distribute to your parents.


Just a quick recap:

  • Each week of the contest is a mini-contest
    • The school with the highest points each week will be a finalist (at that point you have won!)
    • Every Monday the leaderboard is reset
  • Parents collect points by visiting participating retailers (no purchase necessary)
  • Everyone who collects points during the contest will get 1 vote at the end of the contest to pick the grand prize winner
    • Parents, teachers, parent-teacher groups, the contest is open to all to participate


The winners of this contest are determined SOLELY by participation.  A draw will be used only in the event of a tie.


Email, tweet, like on Facebook.  How you win is up to you!  Below are some links you can also share:


If you have any questions please contact us!


Promotional Support team

(709) 770-1968


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